72: Buy Yourself FLOWERS & Love YOURSELF Better.

72: Your Should Buy Yourself Flowers & Love Yourself Better Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

We’ve all got that new Miley banger on repeat, and I now there’s tons of you happily married ladies feeling like you “shouldn’t” be singing it with such passion. But I want to challenge that mindset and say: Yes, you SHOULD buy yourself flowers, even if your man already does. Self Love is the topic today! Let’s chat about it. 

12: Learning to Love Yourself Right Where You Are

The main thing I’ve learned from blogging and starting an online business, letting myself be visible, you have to accept yourself as you truly are. No more building walls, no more masking, no more becoming who you feel you need to be fine tuned to who you’re talking to.

60: The Groundwork to Creating a Life You Love

I believe motherhood is awesome and all those hard parts aren’t really motherhood. The hardest parts of motherhood should be watching our kids struggle to learn something new, or going through a heartbreak. Keeping up with dishes, stressing about what schooling options to choose, getting behind on laundry, and feeling like you’re not an absolute…

Love Yourself Better

A few weeks ago my mom told me I should come on the podcast and remind you ladies to buy yourselves some flowers – don’t wait around for someone else to brighten your day, do it your dang self. And I thought, no mom. I’ve mentioned that before, I’m not gonna make an entire episode about buying yourself flowers… and DAYS LATER 

Miley drops this absolute banger that is FLOWERS. And I can’t get it out of my head. 

Since the release of this song, I’ve seen a significant number of married women who think they have to secretly love the song since they are in loving relationships – but I do want to make this clear – we’re all busy people. We don’t all have the time or mental capacity to remember to buy our loved ones flowers – yes even with valentine’s day around the corner. 

I want to challenge you to be your own soul mate – even if you’re married. Take care of you, show up for you, and overflow that love and happiness into your marriage. Buy yourself flowers, take yourself dancing, hold your own hand. 

Don’t put that responsibility on another person just because you’ve chosen to spend and share your entire life with them. Your partner isn’t meant to fulfill your basic needs of love and belonging – he’s not meant to sabotage those needs either – that’s a red flag. 

But you’ve got to love yourself first, you’ve got to love yourself BETTER than anyone else can before you’ll accept the love they’ve been trying to give you all along. 

I once bought myself flowers through the car side delivery at our grocery store and I forgot that I had ordered them – and when the grocery associate brought those to my car door, it was such a  great feeling. I surprised myself with a simple act of self love. I want that for you too. 

Do special things for yourself, delight yourself, be your own best friend and soulmate – you are the only person you’ll spend your entire life with after all. Everything else is just icing.

So keep this in mind, keep pursuing your own joy, keep overflowing with happiness and love to those around you. It’s contagious. So if not for yourself, do it so you’re more fun and bearable for others to be around. But you should definitely do it for yourself.

Ways you can love yourself: 

  • Buy yourself flowers 
  • Dance alone 
  • Take yourself to lunch 
  • Journal and talk to yourself 
  • Take care of your basic needs 
  • Read a book for fun 
  • Write out a self gratitude list 
  • Write out a strengths list 
  • Do something new you’ve always wanted to 
  • Spend more time naked while getting ready for bed or your day 
  • Fall in love with yourself better than anyone else can.

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