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When you’re feeling mostly overwhelmed by your life, stick in a low place and lacking motivation to even begin because there’s just so much that needs done; Stop. Breathe.

You are in a very sacred and beautiful place right now. You are exactly where you are meant to be. You are exactly who you are meant to be. Like a bulb beneath the earth, all you may see is darkness, all you may feel is the heaviness over you, but Spring is coming and you’re about to bloom.

In this guided workbook you’ll learn skills to take back your joy, discover your purpose and use simple but meaningful strategies to overcome the overwhelm inside you.

You can find The Happy Mom Brain Guided Workbook here.

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Have you ever looked back at the way your grandparents kept a diary? I know mine wrote down everything they did that day along with how they felt, what the weather was like, where they went, who they saw and maybe even a prayer or bible verse for the day.

Our generation has mostly lost this habit of documentation. That’s why I created the Daily Joy Planner, it’s a printable planner that’s set up to make this type of journal keeping easy and fun.

You’ll grow a habit of focusing on fewer priorities, and more gratitude. There space for affirmations, scripture, daily reflection, and more.

You can find The Daily Joy Planner here.

🌺 YOU are meant to bloom. 🌺