Let’s actually enjoy the holidays this year, mama!

Hey friend! I can’t believe it’s already November. So I guess it’s time to get prepared for the holidays, yeah? Let me tell you, Christmas is my favorite. I love the cold, the pine smell, the twinkling lights, the magic of it all. What I don’t like? Crowded stores, consumerism, busy schedules, no time for…

What to Do When You’ve Neglected Your Needs.

When it feels like nothing in life matters anymore, that’s when we need to press pause and take inventory. Ideally we’d pause and notice what’s off before getting to this point, but sometimes we just let it all go a little too long. I know that’s my habit. 

Potty Talk with Lindsey: An Intro to Potty Training and Troubleshooting

Lindsey Turner is joining us today to give us some fresh insights into navigating potty training from a behavioral perspective. I personally have not had an easy time getting my 3 boys to use the toilet – Lindsey offers encouragement and practical tips for adjusting behaviors the ABA way.

How to Not Hate Housework – 3 Practical Tips to Almost Enjoy Cleaning

Pre work – perspective: WHY do it, WHAT sucks about it? Who are you cleaning for? Your aunt Susie or your most important people? Hack your playlist – play songs you can’t sit still to.  According to The Guardian: “music has been shown to improve both productivity and cognitive performance, especially in adults. Listening to…

A Quick Guide to Overcoming Mom Guilt: Let’s Let That Stuff Go.

We’ve all experienced mom-guilt at some point. We don’t have to let it be part of our lives though. We can let it go, move on, press forward. Your thoughts aren’t always yours, they definitely aren’t you, and a lot of the time they aren’t even true.

What You Need to Hear When You Feel Like You’re “Just a Mom”

Hey Mama, what do you DO all day? If you answer – you survived, you barely made it through, you cooked, cleaned, etc.. can we please take a minute to reframe the way you view yourself?  I need you to stop seeing yourself as “just a mom” I think you’re more of a badass than…


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