19: The Only Morning Routine You Need to Have a Really Really Ridiculously Good Day

19: The Only Morning Routine You Need to Have a Really Really Ridiculously Good Day Meant to Bloom

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I have been asked so many times what my morning routine is – I’m opening up about that here in this episode. I’ve tried all the magical, miracle morning routines for the most successful day possible, and I didn’t like them. I don’t enjoy waking up to a checklist of things someone else says I should do. It’s not fun for me, it’s not authentic to me. In short, I wake up and just do the thing that feels good for me.

Here’s what my routine looked like this morning: 

I slept in a bit until 8:30. I woke up with 2 of my 3 boys in bed with me and snuggling with them for a few extra minutes sounded like heaven. When it was time to climb out of bed, I stretched under the covers and thanked God for today. Grabbed some leggings and a sweatshirt and headed to the bathroom to get ready for the day. 

The bathroom is where I started to feel a panic attack coming on – I took a moment to breathe and remind myself that I didn’t need to do everything right away. I don’t have to rush – I intentionally plan my days so I rarely have to wake up and rush out of the house. Slow mornings are the only way I want to start my day. 

After I calmed myself, I proceeded to get dressed in my “day clothes.” Put in my contacts, rinse my Invisaligners and head downstairs to let the dogs out. 

Next priority is coffee. I pour myself a cup and decide what I want today to look like. I get to decide where I want to spend my morning, what feels good to do next. Some mornings I’ll take advantage of the quiet and record a podcast episode, or I’ll sit with my boys while they watch Number Blocks. Some mornings I’ll dive into work, other mornings I’ll go for a walk, or do some self-growth exercises or reading, or simply sit on the porch in the stillness with my coffee. 

The morning is when you set the tone for the day. The tone I want to set is that I’m making the choices that feel good for me – that I’m not living someone else’s life or following the blueprint for the life they have. I want to have the life I’m meant to have. I enjoy taking time to get quiet and do what feels like it’s meant for me. 

The Everyday Joy Planner

Often I’ll get a burst of creativity in the morning. If I’m journaling it’s usually about business or future plans. If I’m reading the bible I’m probably finding things to share here. 

Don’t go blindly copying someone else’s blueprint for a perfect morning/life. Don’t force something that doesn’t work for you. You gotta do you. If it feels good and excites you to wake up, do that!

If you’ve been failing at following a morning routine, give yourself so much grace here. Don’t beat yourself up for not fitting into a glass slipper that’s not part of your story. Live your life, not someone else’s. Seriously, if you need one thing to do in the morning, sit in the quiet, be alone in the quiet. Breathe. Don’t think too hard. Let yourself be at peace and ease. Keep a notebook and pen nearby so when things start to flow you can write them down. What you’re meant to do will come to you – it’s probably already come to you, you just haven’t been quiet enough to hear it. Stop looking all around you for what to do, look inside, let Spirit, Wisdom, God guide you. The answers are already there.

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