What You Need to Hear When You Feel Like You’re “Just a Mom”

Hey Mama, what do you DO all day?

If you answer – you survived, you barely made it through, you cooked, cleaned, etc.. can we please take a minute to reframe the way you view yourself? 

I need you to stop seeing yourself as “just a mom”

I think you’re more of a badass than you realize. Yeah you might be tired, burnt out, but that’s because you’re doing SO much for SO many people – and most of them don’t even have the concept of appreciating that. 

Yeah you spend a lot of time changing diapers because a whole tiny human relies on you for every single thing they need. Yeah you spend time cleaning up, you spend time cooking, you take out the trash, you scrub the toilets – unless you are blessed and smart enough to hire help for all that, no shame, it takes a village, sometimes we gotta pay the villagers. 

But you’re not just some peasant who’s stuck with all the menial and dirty jobs. You choose to do these jobs because you don’t have anyone else you’re willing to recruit for help. That’s okay, but I need you to realize that doing these dirty jobs is your choice, you’re not stuck with it. 

Let’s talk about your Mom mindset – who is the mom? The Queen. You’re the queen. You do these jobs because you’re the one in charge of making sure they are done. You’re the one in charge of every person who comes in and out of your home. You’re the one who says what goes. You’re the one controlling everything that happens in your home. If you’re not stepping into this sacred leadership role, it’s easy for things to get chaotic. You’re the leader, you’re the ruler, you’re the CEO, you’re the queen of your home. 

You spend a lot of your day solving problems, you oversee the kingdom. You resolve disputes among your people – sibling rivalry. You hire the entertainment – Blippi is your court jester, no? 

You solve the big problems, you arrange for handymen to help, you slay dragons and monster that hide under the beds of your children. You’re not just a queen either, you’re also the fairy – you make all the magic happen in your home – Toothfairy, Easter Bunny, Mrs. Claus, you’re all of it. 

You are not “just a mom” You are the magic, you are the queen, you are everything your children need.


Published by Brittni Clarkson

Hi, I'm Brittni, author, podcaster, transformational speaker, and a mom of 3 boys, passionate about helping moms overcome the overwhelm and actually ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.

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