47: The Secret to Living Your Dream Life

47: The Secret to Living Your Dream Life Meant to Bloom

I feel like too often, us moms, exclude ourselves from the idea of living a dream life. Mama, I can’t let you do that. You’re meant to live your dream life. You’re meant for life to the fullest. You’re meant for abundant blessings. And it’s likely that you’ve already got a life full of blessing and abundance, you’ve just trained your brain not to see that. 

It’s easy to get caught up in all the negative things in life and forget to see the beauty everywhere. Let’s go ahead and explore that today. Let’s take a quick look at all the blessings disguised as burdens in your life. Let’s get grounded in gratitude today. 

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The Key to Your Dream Life

Hey friend, did you know that you’re an adult and can just do whatever you want to? 

You get to live whatever life you want to be living? Did you know that you’re the author of your own life? Did you know you’re writing your own story, you have the authority to make your choices? You’re in control of your whole dang life?

As mama, you’re in charge of the whole house. The man may be the head, but you’re the neck, you get to decide the direction. Too often we victimize ourselves to be the one in control. It’s silly, but it’s a belief we end up with. Somehow we got it in our heads that we’re this 1950s submissive housewife and that means we have to take orders and be less than. But that’s not what this is. You’re the one in control. You’re the queen of the household. We get to control the energy, we are the door keeper. It’s hard work sometimes, but it’s so sacred and so needed.

The way we begin to live our dream life, is with gratitude. By really getting aligned with knowing who you are and what your purpose is, you get to shift the life you’re living. I think it’s so neat and it’s something we should be celebrating. We should be mindful of this power we have.

What do you want your life to look like? Does it look how you want it to? Did you somehow get everything you wanted in life, yet it feels like a burden? 

Sometimes our blessings get disguised as burdens. Have you experienced that?
I think we do it with our kids a lot. We want them so badly, we love them so much, then they get annoying and take up a lot of time and money and they fight with each other and before you know it, we’re looking at them as if they are burdens and then feeling guilty about it. 

The answer is simple, it’s gratitude. Constant gratitude. forever, always. Pray constantly, giving thanks for all your days. That’s the ticket to your dream life. 

How do you want to spend your days? What do you want the to look like? You get to live the life you want, that’s how this works. 

Life is a get to, not a have to. We forget too often how beautiful our blessings are. We get caught up in soccer practices and constant snack requests that we forget how we prayed for this kid, we forget all the women who would give anything to hold their own child in their hands. 

The way we combat the burdensome feelings is by remembering that it’s all blessings. How do we keep blessings in mind? All of life is a blessing. Life is incredible, your life is incredible. WOrk backwards. What’s your dream life look like? Hold that vision in your mind. What do you already have that’s in your vision? Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s there.

Trust that good things are coming your way. Even if you have little, you have something. Even if you feel like what you have isn’t good enough, realize you’re feeling entitled to more. Be grateful for what you have right now. Don’t be the kid at the store who’s throwing a fit because they got a small toy when they wanted the big one. 

Here’s the trick: She who is trusted with little, will be trusted with much. If you can love your life right now, be truly deeply grateful for everything right now. The universe, God, will provide more. You will be in a place where you are prepared for more.

Sometimes we think we want a bigger house or a better car so we don’t care for the one we have. Do you think you’ll treat the bigger house or the better car any differently? Respect what you have, be grateful for what you have now. Act as if you’ve gotten all that you want in life. Be a good steward now, be that person now, don’t wait “until.” who will you be when you’ve got your dream life/ be her now. You are your best self. You are her. Be her now.

That’s the big secret of gratitude. It’s not just to feel better fir what you have, it aligns you and magnetizes you for better things. When you show God that you’re grateful for what you’ve got now, you’ll end up with even more. Blessings on blessings. 

Imagine this scenario – you have 2 kids. One takes great care of his toys, the other is a spoiled brat who wants more and more. Which one do you want to spend $100 on a new toy for?  


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