The Happy Mom Method

What’s in the course?

(this outline is the intended material in this course and subject to change)

Unblock Your Joy

  • What’s blocking your joy?
  • Defining motherhood (not 9-5, you are irreplaceable as mom) 
  • What’s your role in your home/work life
  • Why hate and joy can’t coexist, you get to choose your path 
  • Who are you doing this for? What’s your why?
  • What does your dream life look like? Be her now. 
  • Your words matter, about self, home, others, etc 
  • Overcoming your negative thoughts – attach self love starter kit here
  • How are you standing in your own way? Habit assessment
  • Gratitude and contentment, being a good steward of what you have, trusted with little 
  • Abundance vs Scarcity, Fear vs Faith 
  • Less stress, get grounded, meditation, affirmations 
  • Your life priorities, delegating, deleting, getting help where needed, as needed 
  • Seasons of life, don’t be settled, things always change, go with it
  • Fear of moving forward/success 
  • Immersion and persuasion – creating the life you’re meant for

Love the Home You Have

  • Back to gratitude and mindset, be happy here before it gets better, or it won’t 
  • Differences in tidy, clean, clutter, mess, organized 
  • Redefine how you speak about your home and to dos
  • Declutter all the things as you go or before you start – quick declutter guide here
  • Hot Spots to declutter and prioritize clean 
  • Creating your “happy zones” – podcast episode
  • Room resets
  • Destressing the kitchen
  • Home care systems and schedules 
  • My daily routine and cares – a day in the life of not giving an eff, but getting it done 
  • Bare minimum, defining enough, then making it as simple as possible so you can be extra 
  • The toy library and other helpful home tips 

Moving Forward

  • The simple things that support your new self 
  • The Everyday Joy Planner and all the things to track – free printable joy planner 
  • Curating a closet you love – how to let go of who you were 
  • Meal Planning Guide 
  • Creating a mental health toolkit 
  • Journaling and processing what comes up as it comes up 
  • Self care is self preservation and basic needs, too (commit to doing what it takes to be happy/healthy and in love with benign alive)
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