Do you ever feel like this “mom gig” just isn’t for you?

Do you ever feel like this “mom gig” just isn’t for you?

Like it’s just too much going on all a once? 😭

Like the ones you love most are constantly getting in the way of you trying your best to take care of them…

Then dinner time roles around and you can’t decide if you’re about to have a panic attack or a glass of wine? 🍷

With so many responsibilities it becomes incredibly easy to lose our focus and fall out of alignment with our purpose.

I want to make my life as easy as possible so I have more energy to focus on building connection and relationships with my kids, maintain my mental wellness so I can be here fully for my kids and hubs, and actually find a sense of joy and happiness on the regular. 💕

In creating ease in my own life, I’ve been able to help other moms find ease and joy as well.

One mom-life aid I’m very excited to share with you is The Dinner Dilemma Meal Planning Kit. 🥘 🍽

The planning kit is so much more than just templates or a simple how-to; it’s journal prompts, encouragement, and simple steps to overcoming what’s causing your stress in the kitchen.

Dinner Planning Kit

Published by Brittni Clarkson

Hi, I'm Brittni, author, podcaster, transformational speaker, and a mom of 3 boys, passionate about helping moms overcome the overwhelm and actually ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.

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