You Are The Girl For The Job – A Book Review.

“This book won’t beckon you to be blind to your circumstances, but it will enlighten you to the truth that you’re placed where you’re at with what you’ve got, on purpose.” -Jess Connolly

This book found me at Barnes and Noble, I was browsing -actually looking for a different book, but too type 9 to ask an employee to point me in the right direction- when I saw this book sitting alone on a table among piles of other books. At the time I don’t remember hearing the Jumanji drums, but as I play the memory in my head, I hear them. This book called to me in a very clear way. It was meant for me to read, right now in my life.

Honestly, I’d never heard of Jess Connolly of You Are The Girl For The Job before. I had no idea what it was even about, but I knew I had to read it.

Jess doesn’t like to call them “steps” but for simplicity in the book, she does, and we will, too. Jess has 6 steps to confirming that you are the girl for the job.

In the first step, Jess encourages us to start by quitting. In order to pursue all that we are meant for, we have to stop pursuing all that we are not. Stop trying to be the very best at things, and just be who God created you to be (yourself). Give up seeking glory, and give all the glory to Him.

This was a step I’d already gotten pretty good at taken. Having a newborn in February 2020, I had already quit doing a lot of things that were no longer serving me. Then all of 2020 most of us had to quit everything else for awhile. I’d said goodbye to the obligations I needed to quit trying to excel at, because they were no longer for me, but I’ve also had to remind myself to stop trying to be the best. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m never going to be the best writer, but I am meant to write my experiences to encourage others to overcome. I’m not the best at it, that can’t be my goal. I’m just the girl for the job. I’m qualified only because I’ve been called.

Our next step is to find our people. Who does your heart break for? Who were you meant to serve?

For me, it’s mom who are having a really hard time emotionally with motherhood, the ones with the wrong mindset that’s keeping them from fulfilling their potential. The moms who know there must be more to this whole motherhood thing, a piece they are missing that would help them to manage their homes better and spend more time with their husbands and children. Those are my people.

Onto step 3: Use what you’ve got. I’ve got this blog and a good enough sense of how to write. I’ve collected a good deal of knowledge and skills to help my people to overcome the overwhelm, because I’ve done it myself and I continue to do it and to find new ways. That’s what I’ve got, and what I’ll use. What have you got?

Before this year, my blog had been a major flop. I had no direction with it. I wanted to help moms, but didn’t have a clear picture of how to do it and what my people needed to hear. I had written a letter of encouragement, and everything else was subpar. This letter has now become my base for my business. My whole brand now revolves around helping moms know they are meant to bloom. I’m an encourager because my struggles could be someone else’s survival guide.

In step 4, we face our fear. All my life I’ve been terrified of being noticed. I always aimed to fly under the radar and go unseen. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities because I was afraid to voice my opinion or interest. Being heard has been my biggest fear.

But if no one hears me, no one will ever be helped by me. There are people whom I was put exactly here, and exactly this time, to help. If I only every encourage one woman and help her to find joy and happiness in life, then she encourages another, who encourages another, my time will be well spent. I’d love to help a million moms, but just one is enough, too.

Step 5 is all about catching the vision. My vision is my mission; to encourage and enable women to find joy and peace in motherhood. You are meant to bloom and I’m here for it until every woman believes it and achieves it.

Lastly, step 6 is to make your move. Take one small step towards making your vision happen. Jess will make you believe in your soul that you are the girl for the job, God put you right here, right now, for a specific reason. It’s your responsibility to answer the call. Don’t leave God on read. Go get it, girl. It’s your calling, your destiny, your purpose. Make it happen, take one step in the right direction. Onward, my friend.

“You are the girl for the job. Right where you’re at.” -Jess Connolly


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Hi, I'm Brittni, author, podcaster, transformational speaker, and a mom of 3 boys, passionate about helping moms overcome the overwhelm and actually ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.

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