The Gratitude Guide

Gratitude is more than the act of being thankful; it’s a readiness to show appreciation and return kindness.

It’s a mindset of it’s own, a lifestyle, a personality trait, an emotion.

Gratitude is a complex concept with deep roots and this guide is here to help you grow a deeper attitude of gratitude.

I used to be a major jerk. If you know me today or follow my Instagram where I authentically share about myself, my struggles and tips for anxiety, I would hope that would come as a surprise to you. People are often shocked when I tell them how I used to see the world and view other people – even people who thought they knew me years ago. I was a quiet one, so people thought that meant I was nice. No, I just kept all my feelings and thoughts about others a secret.

I was the kind of person who liked to people-watch, not because I found people interesting, but because I thought they were beneath me. I liked to make fun of people, just never to their faces. I was spineless and arrogant and full of pride. Then I found out I was an introvert and thought that meant I hated people and was better off without them. I was a jerk. I was a major jerk.

Oh, how the turntables have…

I struggled with depression for such a long time, I felt so isolated and alone. I had no real friendships because I’d never opened up to anyone and accepted them as they are because I didn’t imagine a world where they would accept me as I was – and they shouldn’t have, as I mentioned, I was a jerk. Eventually, I realized I wanted real connections with others and that people were most often good.

I had a friend who was very bubbly and always optimistic. She brought so much light into any room she entered. She was always surrounded by friends and I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about her. I adored her and I wanted to know her secrets to this infectious joy because I wanted that for myself.

Turns out it’s gratitude. Being grateful, really grateful for all you have is the key to joyful living. I started by finding the things in my life that I should be grateful for, I tried making it a daily practice and soon I was listing things I’m grateful for at every chance.

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