1:1 Mom-Life Mentorship

This text/voice style coaching is unlike any other mom-life coaching you’ll find out there today. I get that you don’t have time or energy to get video ready to speak to me and keep the kids quiet for a full hour while we do your inner work or evaluate your home routines. That’s why this day long method was created to fit into your busy, noisy day.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the Voxer app (it’s totally free, no need for the paid version).

2. Schedule a day that works for you (you’ll get 4 hours of coaching time). Then send payment of $48 here.

3. On your chosen day & time frame, you and I will chat back and forth through the app – sending voice or text messages – to get to the root of what’s not working for you and develop your next best steps to living the life you’re dreaming of.

I’m really hoping to get to work with you soon!

Brittni Clarkson

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