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It’s okay to choose the easy option.

I remember crying on the kitchen floor because I was so overwhelmed by having to clean the kitchen before making dinner. I was afraid that not putting in enough effort would force my husband to leave me. He found me crying and I explained how I was feeling to him.He hugged me and tried not…


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It’s Time to Take Back Your Joy!

I mentioned on my social stories a few days ago that I was working on an all new live challenge event and I just can’t wait. The Take Back Your Joy Challenge is starting TOMORROW! Everything is going to be happening in the Facebook Group, so get in there and let me know what this challenge needs to…

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It’s because love isn’t words. Love is actions.

You ever tell someone you loved them and knew they really didn’t believe it? Ever have someone tell you they love you and YOU didn’t believe it? I’ve been thinking about why this happens, this misalignment of affections. How can two people say they love each other and neither feel it’s true? It’s because love…

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Don’t dilute yourself to please others.

Don’t dilute yourself to please others. You can’t fulfill your purpose if you’re constantly trying to be someone else. You are perfect for your purpose, just as you are. If your purpose was meant for someone else, it would have been given to someone else, but it wasn’t. It was given to you, because it’s…

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Children are not the distraction…

If you feel like you’re pulled in 100 different directions at once and can’t stay on task long enough to finish anything – same girl, same.

It becomes so easy to start seeing our kids as a distraction from whatever it is we are trying to do. It’s almost second nature to forget what’s really important in the big picture.

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What’s coming this month?

July is full of amazing content coming your way! Elizabeth from Emotionally Healthy Legacy is on the podcast to walk us through the struggles of asking for help as a mom and homemaker. Kelsey Bryant, host of FIT Christian Woman, is here to share her expert advice on incorporating healthy choices and fitness into your…

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Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day, my friends. Today we celebrate our freedoms with parades, flag waves, and fireworks. But I’ve got a few questions for you on my heart today…. Will you still feel this liberating sense of freedom and joy tomorrow? Or when ‘Monday’ rolls around will you feel trapped by a type of motherhood you…

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Get the Happy Mom-Brain!

I believe we can change our minds for the better.
We can overcome the brain fog.
We can replace the self-shaming and the negative thinking with something better.
It won’t be easy, but neither is staying miserable.

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