Healing Mental Health with Self-Love & Simple Practices

Mental health begins with self-love, giving yourself grace, and learning to take care of yourself.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything, feeling stuck, and lacking motivation to even begin because there’s just so much that needs done; Stop. Breathe.

You are in a very sacred and beautiful place right now. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Like a bulb beneath the earth, all you may see is darkness, all you may feel is the heaviness over you, but Spring is coming and you’re about to bloom, friend.

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Before we can love fully, we must look inside and clear out any hate, resentment, grudges, unforgiveness, and anger that we’ve held on to. We must let go of it and come to the understanding that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have – you included.

What areas of your life, what relationships , do you need to work on extending grace to?

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In a world that’s pushing for self-care and full cups and working to end the stigma on mental disorder, are you taking intentional steps to prevent mental burn out or are you still in a habit of waiting until it’s too late and nursing your brokenness back to health?

You don’t have to have a mental disorder, to be mentally disordered.

When I say mental illness, or disorder, I’m not only talking about diagnosed depression or anxiety disorders, I’m talking about any moment of mental disorder. Any time you feel anxious, worried, fearful, burdened, angry, hopeless, overwhelmed, triggered, or like running away: these are all moments of “mental disorder.”

Just because you don’t feel the need for a therapist right now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proactive about maintaining your own mental health.

You workout without a personal trainer.

You seek spiritual connection without a pastor in the room.

You can seek mental wellness at home too.

I’d been on this mental heath roller coaster for over a decade and I can confirm that when you let your guard down and forget to stay healthy, the illness creeps back in. Too often I’ve waited until I was looking for a way out of this life to address the real issues.

There are 3 basic steps to practicing proactive mental wellness: introspection, stress management, and pursuing your purpose. When you look within and discover who you are, you learn what stressors and triggers are keeping you from living your best life.

When you remove the stressors, you make room for peace and the pursuit of happiness.

Then joy comes when you begin to chase the dreams you were meant to live, when you begin to do exactly what God has created you to do.

1.Find yourself with introspection

Mindfulness is another name for this step. Learn to question how and why we feel the way we feel. This involves digging deep and looking at our mental, our physical, and our spiritual wellness. This is the practice of mindfulness, and many of the exercises you will learn in this book are related to the practice. I am a lifelong believer of putting pen to paper in order to understand what’s going on in my heart and mind.

Journaling is it a great way to reflect and keep track of where you’ve been and when you felt these things. Audio notes are great too, if you’re more of a talker than a writer. Save the memos like an audio diary so you can access them again later.

2. Find your peace with stress management

Peace and positivity are found when we make room for them. By clearing out the stressors, the negative thoughts, and the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a cycle of shame and doubt, you make space and free up your energy for what you really want: peace and joy.

You were made to be a joyful human. You became a mom to enjoy having a family. You were meant for this pursuit of peace and happiness. You will do the work to combat the negative thoughts, eliminate stressors, learn to accept yourself and care for yourself. Limiting beliefs are cognitive distortions that keep you stuck, thinking that you can’t move forward or that you’re not worthy of bettering yourself or your situation. Limiting beliefs can make you see a stressor or a burden, where there isn’t really one. You are enough. You are worthy. You are meant to bloom.

3. Find your joy and pursue your purpose

I’ll teach you to see the good in every day and to build your day around the future you want. We find our joy when our daily lives line up with our biggest dreams. The joy is found when we begin to live the life God has created you to live. Step into your calling, pursue your dreams in the everyday, and that is where your joy is waiting. You will bloom when you find this joy. .

They keep telling us to “Enjoy it while they’re young..” But our days are filled with chaos, and stress, and cooking, and endless laundry piles…. Where’s the time to enjoy it? Yeah, that’s what I always thought too. There’s so much I HAVE to do, when do I find time for peace and joy and happiness, I barely have time to sleep… Mama, it’s time for a shift.
You can be a HAPPY MOM – if I can, you can, trust me.

Ready to Make Shift Happen?

Your mindset is either your greatest enemy or your greatest asset – you get to decide.

It’s time choose happy. It’s time to choose fulfillment. It’s time to stop playing the victim in your own home and start owning your mom-life.

You are the curator of your happiness. It’s that simple. It’s your time to take action and live the peaceful, joyful mom-life you’ve been afraid to dream of.

Hi, I’m Brittni, a mom who’s determined to share my light, wisdom, and joyfulness with every mom. My desire is that every woman knows she is worthy of ease and joy and finds the encouragement and motivation to pursue her best life possible.

I live in rural Oregon with my husband and 3 sons. I never dreamed of being a boy-mom, but now I can’t imagine life not surrounded by toy dinosaurs, race cars, and fart noises.

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