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Hey friend, you found me!

Allie is such an amazing human, I think we can all agree on that here. I wouldn’t be here sharing my message if it weren’t for her. She’s been encouraging me since before she knew I existed and I hope I can do the same for every other woman who finds my content here online. Thanks for being here, my friend, let’s get connected!

I’m sure you’re looking for more of the ways that I can help you with your mom-mindset, why else would you be here?

About Me

Hi, I’m Brittni, a mom who’s determined to share my light, wisdom, and joyfulness with every mom. My desire is that every woman knows she is worthy of ease and joy and finds the encouragement and motivation to pursue her best life possible.

I live in rural Oregon with my husband and 3 sons. I never dreamed of being a boy-mom, but now I can’t imagine life not surrounded by toy dinosaurs, race cars, and fart noises.

Let’s hang out

How to Grow a Meaningful Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is more than the act of being thankful; it’s a readiness to show appreciation and return kindness. It’s a mindset of it’s own, a lifestyle, a personality trait, an emotion. Gratitude is a complex concept with deep roots.  Being grateful and intentionally practicing gratitude have been a foundation in many – or all??- culturesContinue reading “How to Grow a Meaningful Attitude of Gratitude”


32: Using Affirmations to Shift Your Mindset and Live Your Best Life Yet

The words we use are important to the life we are choosing to live. The way you talk about yourself matters. The way you talk about your life matters. If you want to make a change and start living a better life, to rise to a higher version of yourself, you’ve got to start talking about yourself and your life as if you’re already there. 

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