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They keep telling us to “Enjoy it while they’re young..” But our days are filled with chaos, and stress, and cooking, and endless laundry piles…. Where’s the time to enjoy it? Yeah, that’s what I always thought too. There’s so much I HAVE to do, when do I find time for peace and joy and happiness, I barely have time to sleep… Mama, it’s time for a shift.
You can be a HAPPY MOM – if I can, you can, trust me.

86: 3 Simple Solutions to Do Everything With Love Meant to Bloom

We’re supposed to be doing all things “in love,” but when society tells you it’s cooler to be a hot mess, have a bad attitude about all your responsibilities and count down the minutes until it’s “wine o’clock,” it can be even more difficult – because having love in your heart while changing a baby out of the third blow out diaper of the day isn’t already hard enough.  There’s a few reasons we struggle to feel love while going about our daily mom-life, and I’m going to unravel these for you today. In my corner of the internet, I’m known as The Happy Mom, but I wasn’t always this way. I was so overwhelmed with motherhood and homemaking and marriage and existence in general and I struggled with depression and anxiety disorders for far too long. But I overcame all that, and I’ve made it my mission to help other moms do the same.  In this episode we’re chatting about:  How gratitude can rewrite your reactions   Setting boundaries and saying no Having more fun, everyday  Love Your Home Course: Prompted Gratitude Journal:  *********************************** Listen to these related episodes:  82: Live Unattached to Your To-Do List, How To 'Do It All' & Stress Less. 80: Be All In On Your Dreams, Even If You Think They're "Small" 76: Navigating a Season of Waiting, Holding Onto Gratitude & Managing Anxiety *********************************** Related resources:  The Essential Happy Mom Starter Kit (free):  Planners, Journals, etc: Courses collection: *********************************** Get in touch: Website:   Submit a topic the show:    Virtual tip jar:  Become a monthly supporter: — Support this podcast:
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83: Keeping Our Kids Safe with Dr. Missy Gryder

We like to pretend that some things aren’t a problem until they are a problem. In some cases this may work for you… But when it comes to the safety of our children, that’s not the time to chance it. We have to stop turning a blind eye to its existence and talk about the…

74: How I’m Using My Planner to Save My Sanity

I want to tell you how I used my daily planner to beat my bad attitude and save my mental health. I’m also going to share some of the tips and insights I have in response to a few questions I’ve received recently about this topic.

71: Living Everyday with Intention – Mindset Realign

A life without without intention is like drifting in the sea without a destination. You might be moving great distances, you might be paddling for hours on end, exhausting yourself, but if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

69: We Have Got to STOP Blocking Our Own PLEASURE!

Mama, this conversation isn’t easy to have, but this is one other part of life you need to let be easy – YOU. 😉  I know I’ve got into a terrible habit of blocking my own joy, pleasure, ecstasy…. Have you? Are you in a habit of creating barriers between you and your spouse? Do…

68: Ditch the GUILT & Let it Be EASY with Natasha Mila

As you may know, I’m currently in a season of letting peripheral things go or be as easy as possible in order to very peacefully prioritize my life. My focus right now is on family and I’m trying to let my actions reflect that, and be very intentional with how my time is spent.  There’s…

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