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40: 5 Things That Make My Life Easier

The truth is: life gets to be easy, if you let it be easy. When we choose to let it be easy, we free up our time and energy to elevate in other areas of our life. We can lean more into our true purpose and grow deeper in our relationships. Life gets better when we let it be easy. 

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22: How to Start Being Happier (where to begin when you’ve been stuck in your unhealthy cycles for so long)

I used to be a bit of a jerk – like, I was the kind of person who liked to whisper comments to my sister about other people, tearing them down, making fun of them. I now know that I was projecting my own insecurities onto others. I was miserable, and I was making myself miserable. It took a lot of discipline to break free from the patterns that kept me there.  I had to break free from the cognitive distortions, the negative thinking, and the habits that weren’t helpful. That freedom has changed my life. 

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All About My Postpartum Journey With 3 Babies in 4 Years

Postpartum, the fourth trimester, this is where we really make that transition from mom-to-be, from expecting into becoming. This is where so much of our motherhood begins, and for some reason I’ve been really reluctant to share anything about this stage. I gave hints of it in my birth and breastfeeding blog posts, but I’ve…

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A 2020 Year Recap: How Our Family Spent the Year

What a year! I’m going to stay away from talking much about the political and historical events of the year, and focus more on what my family did this year. January: my husband and I bought a sewer construction business together. It’s a field he’s worked in as long as I’ve known him, but for…

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The Time My Family Evacuated From The Wildfires

I’ve been trying to process all the emotions and come up with the right words to share what happened during the Riverside and Beachie Creek fires in September last year. In the end, I’ve decided to share an edited version of my journal entry from the experience. It was a windy, Monday night in September…

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Desmond’s Birth Story

I sit here watching my baby boy, laying with his dad as they take an afternoon nap on the couch. It’s hard to believe that sweet boy will be celebrating his 1st birthday next week.  He was due a year ago today, but I wouldn’t meet him for another 10 days – of course he’d…

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An Exciting Year in the Clarkson Home.

When I first sat down to write this post, I originally had titled it “An Overwhelming Year.” But after reflecting on all the amazing things that have happened in my life, I had to rename it. Positive thinking can shift your entire emotional state: one of the many changes that have taken my life in…

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Dashiel’s Birth Story

The day my second son, Dash, was born seemed like the shortest day of my life. That’s right, SHORTEST.  That’s not a word most moms would use to describe the day they gave birth, I sure wouldn’t use it to describe the day Desmond, my first son, was born. You’ll see as you continue reading…

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Our Proposal Story

This is the story of when we decided to stop dating and start planning the rest of our lives together. I’d known for some time that he was planning to take things to the next level, but it was still in God’s timing, God’s perfect timing. I was finally given a weekend day off work…

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They’ll remember the love, but will they remember the mess?

“They will remember the love, not the mess”

Do you ever find yourself questioning whether that’s true or not?

The answer is yes. Yes, it’s true. And yes, it’s not true.

On the surface it’s true, they won’t remember that time you sat down to watch a movie before doing the dishes after lunch.

BUT, they will remember if your home is always such a mess that it causes you so much stress and anxiety that it affects your ability to be present as their mother.

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