Meant to Bloom Journals

Daily Gratitude Journal

Here’s how this journal works: each day you will be prompted with a new journal topic related to gratefulness. Reflect on the prompt and let your mind flow with evidence of your truly beautiful and blessed life (even if it doesn’t feel that way right now). This method of gratitude provides an opportunity to dive deeper into your own mind and emotions to create a life of gratitude, not just a practice.

Happy Mom Journal

This Happy Mom Journal is packed with over 90 journal prompts to encourage you to reflect on all the positive, beautiful, wonderful parts of motherhood while still giving you the space to be honest, vulnerable, and safe to share the yucky feelings that come up as well. It doesn’t stop there, these prompts will also lead you to rethinking some of your systems and habits at home to determine what’s working for you, what’s working against you and give you space to make decisions regarding an easier, happier way of living.

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