Home Care You Don’t Hate

How does your home feel? I’m not asking how it looks – you could pay a personal interior designer big bucks for a house that LOOKS immaculate. I want you to think about how your home makes you feel.

Is it your biggest stressor? Is your home a constant chaotic mess? Is your home triggering your fight or flight reactions? Is your home a source of shame? Are you embarrassed by your home? Do you feel like you’re less than because of your home?

I’m asking these questions because often we jump to a conclusion that more house work is the answer, or more expensive furniture, or maybe if you could just get it completely clean once, everything will be fine.

Here’s the thing, you’ll never be “caught up” on housework, this is an ongoing process. Don’t get discouraged by that though, see this as an opportunity to shift your mindset in this area. There is no reason to feel guilty about your house becoming messy and dirty over and over again, this is just what happens. Even if you hired a full time maid, the house would still get messy and dirty over and over again, someone else would just be responsible for picking it up. This is simply the nature of a house and it has nothing to do with you or your worth and value.

That being said, a perpetually messy home can be a huge contributor to stress and anxiety, so let’s talk about our options here. I love to keep things simple. I do NOT enjoying cleaning, I don’t find it therapeutic, I’m not naturally good at it. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. Let me share with you my best resources to flip the script and hate housework less. Let’s make this easy!

First off, having less to clean really does make it easier to keep things clean. And of course, I have some incredible resources to share with you about this. In addition to The Quick Declutter Guide, I also have a few podcast episodes where I interviewed decluttering experts in Is Your Home The Reason Your Mental Health Sucks? and Declutter Your Space to Have More Time and Energy to Rock Your Mom-Life.

In The Quick Declutter Guide, you’ll get all the basics to beginning an easy transition into an uncluttered life. I’ve included a 4 week plan for making the biggest impact on your daily life with the least amount of work, a calendar and checklist to keep you on track, a tutorial on how to handle the unending toy mess, and a lesson on creating Happy Zones in your home (because you need someplace that feel awesome and restful while you’re getting things under control).

29: Make Chores Easier by Shifting the Way You Think About Them Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

Here’s something you need to know about me: I’ve always hated housework. Passionately.

As a teen I used to “fake” headaches to get out of cleaning. It was a traumatic experience for me and I have promised to never make my own kids feel the way my mother made me feel. I know it wasn’t on purpose and it wasn’t her fault. You see, my mom had depression and severe anxiety and she spent a lot of days stuck in bed either hating herself or too overwhelmed to get up and get started. On the days she did feel good, she’d want to get as much done as possible and over course, that meant I had to help out.

The thing is, she never told me she had any mental illnesses. I had no empathy or compassion for her until I entered adulthood and was finally diagnosed with also having depression and anxiety. Of course I get it now! But back then, it really ruined cleaning for me.

Because I’ve promised not to traumatize my kids with manic cleaning episodes or rage cleaning, I’ve had to rewrite what housework looks like for me. I used to only clean what I was angry, or I’d become angry while cleaning.

I envisioned a life for myself where I was happy to care for my home and over time, I created that life for myself. Through a series of mindset shifts that involved ditching my old beliefs and rewriting my personal story, changing up the products I use so I’m not giving myself a headache (either from harsh chemicals or crap tools that just don’t work), and I’ve found little ways to make it fun. I’m sharing all of these in the posts below!

Check out these posts for my top tips to not hating housework!

How to Stop Hating Housework

I hated cleaning most of my life, you can ask my mom. I gave her such a hard time when it was time for chores, I always had a headache. At the time, I didn’t understand why I got headaches so conveniently when asked to sweep the kitchen. My mom always thought I was faking.…

How to Not Hate Housework – 3 Practical Tips to Almost Enjoy Cleaning

Pre work – perspective: WHY do it, WHAT sucks about it? Who are you cleaning for? Your aunt Susie or your most important people? Hack your playlist – play songs you can’t sit still to.  According to The Guardian: “music has been shown to improve both productivity and cognitive performance, especially in adults. Listening to…

I created a series of systems to make home keeping easier and more enjoyable.

What you won’t find in my content is the best way to clean window tracks (which btw is to 1. scrape 2. vacuum 3. spray 4. wipe, repeat until clean). You will find what you need to take on the big scary tasks of life. You’ll find encouragement. You’ll find you have a need for peace and ease more than anything else.

I’m here to help you create the life of your dreams while learning to love yourself right where you are. I know you’re overwhelmed, that’s why we take things one step at a time over here. Take a deep breath, right now. Release the stress over “too much.” Let it go and let it be easy. Let me show you how.

I’m a nerd for planning and organizing thoughts, but I never thrived on trying to keep to a strict plan or schedule. I took that into consideration when I created these plans and systems that make my life easier. At first glance you think a meal plan is all about choosing what meal to eat when, but it’s not that simple here. At the core, all of my resources are rooted in self-compassion and guilt-free grace.

They keep telling us to “Enjoy it while they’re young..” But our days are filled with chaos, and stress, and cooking, and endless laundry piles…. Where’s the time to enjoy it? Yeah, that’s what I always thought too. There’s so much I HAVE to do, when do I find time for peace and joy and happiness, I barely have time to sleep… Mama, it’s time for a shift.
You can be a HAPPY MOM – if I can, you can, trust me.

It’s more than just cleaning and organizing – loving your home has a lot to do with your HEART. Here’s how to fix the way you think about your home and finally LOVE IT!

You’ll love these episodes!

118 | More books that healed my broken, hot-mess, mom-life [PART2]

Welcome to Meant to Bloom Podcast where we talk real life motherhood struggles and simple steps to a brighter, more abundant perspective – you can be a happy mom and I’m here to walk with you on this journey to the life you’re meant to be living full of peace, joy and love – I’m…

110 | When your home needs a reset, but you’re too overwhelmed to stay focused

Your home has a role in your life, as you have in its. You’re not spending x amount of dollars per month for another series of tasks on your to do list, you’re making payments towards another source of stress… You moved into your home with a purpose in mind: to have a safe, secure…

108 | Good moms can totally suck at homemaking.

It’s not your home making skill level, the amount of time you spend volunteering for the PTA, or the your ability to make a perfect sourdough that make you a good mom: it’s the fierce, undying, unconditional, unstoppable love you have for your kids that does.

84: Probably the Real Reason You Feel Like a Crappy Mom

Motherhood is not housekeeping. Adulting with kids is not the same as “motherhood”. Anyone trying to do tasks with a child is facing an incredible handicap – that’s not what makes motherhood hard. Good moms can suck at cleaning, cooking, baking.  How do you define motherhood? How do you measure your success as a mom?…

Looking for even more? Let me introduce you to one of my signature courses: Love Your Home

Hi, I’m Brittni, a mom who’s determined to share my light, wisdom, and joyfulness with every mom. My desire is that every woman knows she is worthy of ease and joy and finds the encouragement and motivation to pursue her best life possible.

I live in rural Oregon with my husband and 3 sons. I never dreamed of being a boy-mom, but now I can’t imagine life not surrounded by toy dinosaurs, race cars, and fart noises.

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