Holiday Drop 2022

All listings are sold through Etsy, Amazon or Teachable.

This holiday season is meant to be full of peace and joy, not to leave you feeling empty and on edge. I’m on a mission to bring more ease, peace and joy to motherhood everywhere and the holiday season is no different. I’ve curated this collection to help you find these things in your everyday life.

Maybe you need a fresh coffee mug or a cozy, soft sweatshirt to brighten your day. Maybe it’s a scented candle that holds your needed affirmation to calm and center you. Maybe what you need is a way of keeping track of your days and remembering all those little things, the planner is for you.

Maybe you’re needing some deeper work with a prompted journal or the guided workbook. I’ve even included an amazing sale price to my signature Happy Mom Method course for a full mindset and home care overhaul!

Even if you’re looking for some inspiration for your office or bedroom walls, I’ve got you covered. And we can’t forget my top four best selling digital products to help you through this season and beyond (that would be The Self Care Starter, The Mindset Realign, The Meal Planning Guide and just added The Unstressed Holiday Planner).

Friend, I hope you find what you need here to “treat yo’ self,” but also share the goodness with your mama friends – we all need a lot more help, care, and love than we pretend to need.

Love You! – Brit

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