Overwhelmed Mess to Happy Mom

I believe that all women bloom when the season and environment is right for them. I also believe that with our minds, we can manipulate our environment. Through practices like effective affirmations, grounding, and deep gratitude, we can shift our whole mindsets and FEEL like we are living a new life, even without our external world changing at all.

77: True of False: Being a Mom is Hard – A Coffee Conversation with Kelsey McKenna. Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

Here’s what I’ve noticed after 6 years of mom-life & 8 years of that wifey-life:

It’s not my responsibility to ensure everyone else’s life is perfect. 

Did you know that you don’t have to give 100% of yourself every single day? 

You also don’t need to feel guilty about the days you don’t. 

I’ve noticed that I don’t feel motivated or disciplined or energetic every day – I could spend my life feeling guilty over those days and fighting that feeling – or I could simply let myself have days where I don’t complete my to-do list and just be okay with that. 

Letting go of the guilt of not constantly being productive has been one of the most life changing shifts I’ve encountered and I want to share that with you. 

You are allowed to have days off in fact, you’re SUPPOSED to. Ever hear of Sabbath? Rest is historically important to humans.

Try having a do nothing day, try giving yourself grace when your monthly cycle insists on you resting. Try being kind to yourself and not pushing yourself beyond your own limits.

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You want peace. You want joy. You want to remember who you are. You want to be the best mom, wife, woman that you can be. 

Take the first step on this journey to enjoying your life and grab your copy of The Happy Mom-Brain. 

They keep telling us to “Enjoy it while they’re young..” But our days are filled with chaos, and stress, and cooking, and endless laundry piles…. Where’s the time to enjoy it? Yeah, that’s what I always thought too. There’s so much I HAVE to do, when do I find time for peace and joy and happiness, I barely have time to sleep… Mama, it’s time for a shift.
You can be a HAPPY MOM – if I can, you can, trust me.

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Hi, I’m Brittni, a mom who’s determined to share my light, wisdom, and joyfulness with every mom. My desire is that every woman knows she is worthy of ease and joy and finds the encouragement and motivation to pursue her best life possible.

I live in rural Oregon with my husband and 3 sons. I never dreamed of being a boy-mom, but now I can’t imagine life not surrounded by toy dinosaurs, race cars, and fart noises.