The Happy Mom Workbook

I believe we can change our minds for the better. 

We can overcome the brain fog. 

We can replace the self-shaming and the negative thinking with something better. 

  • It won’t be easy, but neither is staying miserable. 
  • It’ll involve hard work and a good night’s sleep. 
  • It’ll involve you putting in the time to take care of yourself. 
  • It’ll involve learning to talk more kindly to yourself and to be content with all you have. 
  • It’ll involve you being exactly who you are embracing that wholeheartedly. 

The Happy Mom-Brain is here for this. 

You want peace. You want joy. You want to remember who you are. You want to be the best mom, wife, woman that you can be. 

Take the first step on this journey to enjoying your life and grab your copy of The Happy Mom-Brain. 

The Happy Mom-Brain is a guided workbook focused on 3 main aspects: 

  • Find yourself
  • Find your peace 
  • Find your joy! 

It’s designed for easy readability and application because I know how busy and overwhelmed you already are mama! 

These easy-to-read sections can be completed in just 3 weeks by doing one worksheet per day (with a day off too, because rest is important!) 

The Happy Mom Brain is full of mom-relevant psychologist recommended exercises and proven methods for pursuing a life of mental wellness, peace, and joy. 

Over 60 pages of content and guided journal pages to help you rewire your brain to seek out peace and happiness in your everyday mom-life. 

If you’re looking for the full story on how The Happy Mom-Brain was inspired and created, check out I Get To: the podcast, episode 6: How I Overcame the Depths of Depression and Became The Happy Mom 


Disclaimer: This product is not meant to be used as a substitute for therapy. I encourage anyone potentially suffering from a mental disorder or illness to seek professional help. If you feel you may be experiencing depression, anxiety, PPD, or any other mental illness, I encourage you to seek professional help. There is no shame in getting help, it’s a heavy burden to carry, don’t do it alone. No stigma, No shame. Always reach out from mental health help when you need it. 

I am NOT a licensed therapist, I’m simply a mom who’s been there, overcame, and want to share the tools and insight I’ve learned along the way so that every mom can find her bloom.


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