The Daily Planner

This 90 day – 3 month – undated planner was created to make mental health and mindset a priority in your everyday life.
There’s a lot of great practices out there for maintaining our mental health, but working them all into every day – that can be an overwhelming challenge on it’s own. This is why I created this planner, to intentionally incorporate all the top practices for a joyful life without adding any stress.

Some of the key practices you’ll find inside are:
Gratitude – when we begin to practice gratitude for all we have, we shift our mind to start seeing blessings over burdens. I begin my days by listing out 3-5 things I have truly and deeply grateful for in my life. Reflect on how different your life would be without them, and how they have changed your life for the better.

Affirmations – talk kindly to yourself. Do you struggle with self-esteem or negative self-talk? Limiting beliefs about what you’re capable of? Specific and targeted affirmations are a key to cancelling out these thoughts. What you tell your brain repeatedly, it will believe. Choose to tell your brain kind, uplifting and encouraging things about yourself.

Intentions – without intention, what are you even doing? The way I see it: time is going to pass, you’re going to use up energy anyway, so why let yourself become exhausted and then get frustrated that you’re not where you meant to be? We have set intentions and goals for our life, and for each day, in order to be on track to being the humans we are meant to be. Even if you ARE where you want to be right now, then be intentional about staying here. Day by day we see little progress, but it adds up overtime.

This is the daily planner I personally use every day. I’ve always struggled to find a planner that incorporated all my mental wellness habits plus looked nice, so I made my own!

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