Productivity & Rest is a Balance – You Can Have Both.

Before we go any farther – drop the idea that perfection is your goal.

We spend far too much of our precious energy striving for perfection rather than leaning into life as it truly is. Perfect isn’t attainable. Perfect isn’t realistic. Perfect does not exist. 

Our pursuit of perfection leads us into procrastination – putting things off for fear of not doing them perfectly – when we would find more peace in simply beginning imperfectly and owning the imperfection. 

Imperfection is truth. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s our whole lives. We are imperfect creatures and we live imperfect lives and to hide the imperfection is to lie about who you are. 

If we are really going to own who we are, if we’re going to be our true selves, we have to admit to the imperfections. We have to lean into the imperfect. We have to begin anyway. 

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Rest doesn’t just come as spa days, silent evenings with a cup of tea, or hours on hours of cuddling up in a chair and reading your favorite comfort novel. Rest can look like an adventure through the woods, it can look like a day out shopping, it can look like Disney movie marathons with the kids. Rest has a lot of faces, but only one heart. Rest is about renewal and giving your busy brain a break.

The idea of perfection is holding you back; let it go and watch your life propel forward.

My dad and brothers were bow hunters and we used to practice archery as kids. Before an arrow can be sent flying through the air, it first has to be pulled back. I like to think of all the setbacks I have in life as “set ups.”

You are the arrow. Perfection is a set up. The pursuit of perfection holds you back. Give up the pursuit of perfection, let it go, and watch how you are propelled forward. The same energy that you are putting into holding back, could be used to push you forward instead. 

The same force that’s holding you back, is going to push you forward. Go forth. Begin imperfect. Be imperfect. Be you. Embrace exactly who you are, as you are. There is beauty in nature. There is beauty in imperfection. There is beauty in you. Embrace it.  

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