93: Rethinking What Perfection Means; How to Let Life Happen & Enjoy the Process

93: Rethinking What Perfection Means; How to Let Life Happen & Enjoy the Process Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

I’m in a current state of ruthlessly pursuing peace in life. This, however, doesn’t mean that I’m cutting out everything and everyone who disturbs that peace. What it does mean in rewriting the meaning behind the actions that are happening around me. It takes awareness and detachment from your emotions to look at a situation like this from the outside.

In this episode we’re chatting about:

  • You cannot control everything or any one else
  • Reframe what perfection means to you – as in nature, not in human creation 
  • Take the time to journal through where you may be expecting unreasonable perfection

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