88: How I Completely Changed/Saved My Life in 5 Years {Special Pod-versary Episode!}

88: How I Completely Changed/Saved My Life in 5 Years {Special Pod-versary Episode!} Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

One year, 88 episodes, 19 reviews, over 4k plays, hundreds of hearts touched and lives changed, all because I put my past to death, I put fear behind me and I chose to show up for the woman who feels like her voice doesn’t matter. 

I’ve had conversations with a lot of women who are impressed by what I’ve done – but let me tell you, it’s all baby steps. It’s taking one small scary chance at a time. It’s simply realizing it’s not about me and doing it anyway. 

In this episode we’re chatting about

  • My one year pod-versary 
  • The day I almost ended it all 
  • The meaning of the Steller’s Jay 
  • How to change the way you show up in life 

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