85: Productivity Mindset Check (via Bad Ass Moms in Business Workshop)

Last month I had the privilege to be a guest workshop leader for the Bad Ass Moms in Business Group led by Leticia & Erin.

Here’s what I taught them:

85: Quick Productivity Mindset Check (via Bad Ass Moms in Business Workshop) Meant to Bloom

Quick Productivity Mindset Realign

This system I’m going to share today is loosely based on a 5 day mindset realign challenge that I have taught spontaneously for the last 2 years, and a workbook that accompanies it has become my best selling printable product. 

Intention – That big picture purpose.

Let’s set your intentions – when you think of what your loved will say when you are gone, what do you hope they will say about you? And if that day were today, would that be the truth? Are you living the way you truly want to be living? 

For me, the first time I ever really thought of this, the answer was no. I wanted to be someone known for my love and sharing my light – but at that time I was so consumed by depression, self hatred, and constantly fearing that everyone was always judging me, that I was not living in a loving or lit up way. I was hiding, I was isolating, I was building up walls to keep everyone out… 

FYI Gratitude was the thing that aligned my life with my intention. 

The way I see it, life is a journey across the sea, you spend everyday paddling, passing the time, burning your energy, but if you don’t know where you’re trying to go, if you don’t keep your eyes on your destination, you’re gonna waste all that time and energy going in circles or getting lost. Your intentions set your destination, goals are merely milestones along the way. 

If you’re setting goals contradictory to your life’s intention, you’re probably struggling to achieve them. If you know you’re meant for something different than what you community or the society you’re in is telling you, that’s probably why you lack the drive to actually achieve them and will find any excuse to avoid working toward those goals. This is why knowing your intention is important. 

Assessment –  where are you at? And what’s holding you back? 

Once you know where you want to be, the question to ask is: why am I not there? 

This could be from a number of things: it could be that you’re striving for a life you think you SHOULD live, instead of the one you actually want. It could be you have limiting beliefs regarding your self worth, you feel unworthy of the success that would come from completing the task. Perfectionism – that’s a dumb one, perfection doesn’t exist and you do that, but still we often fall into this trap of waiting until things are perfect to act. You might have unhelpful habits and distractions stopping you – like unwise use of your spare time scrolling social media or binging netflix. If you need to rest, rest, but don’t distract yourself from peace in ways you know are not peaceful to you. Or it might be your fear of success stopping you, who am I if I succeed? 

Power Statement – what can you tell yourself to get back on track? 

You’re going to get off track, but think of it as a detour, or maybe a short cut… There will always come days where things don’t go right and there will always be a time when you choose distraction or life just happened and everything gets chaotic for a bit, the best thing you can do is to give yourself grace, give yourself time and give yourself a pep talk. 

I want you to think of a power statement – this is the new version of affirmations. It could be an affirmation, it could be a bible verse or a song lyric, it could be any kind of short statement that kicks you in the pants and reminds you of who you are and where you’re going. 

Take this note to self, and post this around the house, set as phone wallpaper, make it your anthem. Make a playlist that reminds you of this statement. Immerse yourself in your own purpose and worth. 

Enough – are you placing your worth in your productivity? 

Because that’s not cool. It’s not true, it’s not helpful. I know that you are here for a big purpose. You are already enough, what you do is irrelevant. You need to understand that whether or not you achieve your goals or get a lot done any given day, means nothing about you. Achieving your goals is not important because it means something ABOUT you, it’s important because it means something TO you. 

FYI, you created the goals, you decided what you wanted, you get to change your mind and reset the table and start again, you get to move the marker, you get to decide the milestones. 

Don’t let your goals make you feel inferior, when you’re the one who CREATED them. 

Focus – The biggest obstacle I’ve faced in achieving my goals is trying to do too much at once. 

Remember, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything, all by yourself, all the time. 

The mantra that’s helped me: One thing at a time. I say this with a deep breath. When I exhale I envision stress leaving my body.  

I’m what you call a multi-passionate woman, I’m willing to bet a lot of you here are the same. You have big, varied dreams and you want to do it all right now. Here’s where getting your mindset right about your goals and having a fire lit under your butt gets dangerous: You’ve got to stay focused on ONE THING AT A TIME. 

Go deep, not wide. Give your attention to one thing at a time and quit trying to constantly multi-task. Give your all, to one thing. Some ask HOW DO YOU JUGGLE IT ALL? Have you ever paid attention to a juggler? They aren’t holding all the balls at once and they never start with 7 in the beginning. You’ve got to start small, let go when the time is right, and wait until the right time, when you’re in a groove to add in more.

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