78: Facing My Own Ugliness & Toxic Positivity; My Mental Breakdown in a Vegas Hotel Room.

78: Facing My Own Ugliness & Toxic Positivity; My Mental Breakdown in a Vegas Hotel Room. Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

Some things just don’t go the way we plan. My weekend getaway to Vegas for example. What was meant to be a romantic and fun trip with the husband, wasn’t meant to include a two hour sob fest in the hotel room rethinking my entire life, and yet that’s exactly what the weekend needed. 

I wasn’t being honest with myself, I was hiding away the ugly parts and pretended I’d overcome them each time, when really I was running away. The problem with running is they will always catch up to you, and when they do, you’ll be exhausted. Lesson: it’s best to face the fears, face the lies, face the ugliness, when it’s still small and fresh. 

In this episode we’re chatting about

  • My mental break down in a Vegas hotel room 
  • Check on your own red flags 
  • Happiness isn’t a cure, it’s a remedy. 


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