66: Sometimes You Have to Slow Down in Order to Keep Moving Forward

66: Sometimes You Have to Slow Down in Order to Keep Moving Forward Meant to Bloom: personal growth for hot mess moms

I know it sounds like it doesn’t work, but I promise it does. When we push ourselves to burn out, we end up missing out on life as it’s happening and we end up missing our target much of the time. On the flip side, when we pull back, we savor the sweet moments of the present and we align our shot, the arrow flies true. We hit the target. 

I’m pulling back, and I’m promising myself an enjoyable and restful holiday season. January holds many wonderful things and I want to be all in on it. How are you spending the holidays? In a frenzy of no sleep or self care? Or are you embracing Hygge and rest and renewal and doing the inner work as nature does to bloom when Spring comes?

What The Slug Teaches Us

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Well, hello friends. Here we are again. And I feel like I’ve been talking in circles about taking care of your basic needs and taking care of yourself this holiday season. And guess what? My own health insanity has slipped through the cracks a little bit. It’s not about doing things perfect. It’s not, and I’m the greatest example.

To that, my husband was actually making fun of me yesterday because, I said to my kid while he’s doing his math homework, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be done. And my husband, like, he thought it was so funny. He’s like, I’m gonna put that in a mug for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It just has to be done. and I was like, yeah, but no, it’s for real. Like my kid was getting perfectionistic over his lines, not being totally straight. And so that’s what prompted me to say that to him is it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. Like, just get the answer it. It doesn’t have to be exactly, you know, perfectly written.

You can get the answer right or just do your best, even like. , you just need to get through it. Don’t get hung up on one problem when you have a whole worksheet ahead of you. That was the whole point in me saying that, and it’s so true for regular everyday life too, is like it doesn’t have to be perfect.

It just has to get done

cuz you’re not gonna get it perfect. Perfect isn’t real. It doesn’t exist. don’t come here. If you’re looking for how to live your life totally, perfectly, how to have everything in your life totally together, how to never, you know, get it wrong. Cuz I’m not a great example of that, but I am a really great example of how to give yourself grace.

Give yourself permission to start over. Give yourself permission to slow down. It’s the, it’s like an. , you know, you have to pull it back in order for it to propel forward. And if we’re gonna go with the new year and hit it hard with goals and health and you know, just living our best life, I wanna pull back for this holiday season and I wanna go slow.

I wanna rest, I wanna renew, I want to take part in winter the way nature does, the way. You know, the tree sheds its leaves and then begins that quiet inner work before it blooms in the spring. That’s where I’m at right now. That’s what I wanna do. I wanna pull back and I wanna slow down and I wanna enjoy my holidays.

I’m two weeks out from Christmas recording this episode and. I wanna enjoy it. My kid’s gonna have two weeks off of school and my husband’s gonna have a ton of time off work. I wanna really enjoy family time and not be, you know, cooped up in my office, trying to hit things really hard for New Year’s launches and everything.

I’m not into that right now, but let me tell you this, okay? I, what would you do if you found a slug in the house? I found a slug in my. Not once, not twice, three times. There was a slug in my house three times. Okay? The first time I, I reacted, the way you’d expect is, Ew, why is there a slug in my house? The second time I’m like, why is this happening again?

Where are they getting in? And the third time I’m like, okay, this is not a coincidence. , this is not a slug infestation because they were spread out. So you know, a couple weeks at a time, I’m like, this is a sign. This one, seeing a slug for the third time feels spiritually connected. It feels like a divine message.

It feels like God is trying to get me to see something here, and instead of being repulsed and grossed out, which I usually am about slugs. I looked at that slug with like compassion and I very gently put it back outside. Instead of having my husband take care of it like I usually do, but here’s the thing.

I looked up what the spiritual meaning of a slug means at this point now that I’ve seen one three times, and it is so in aligned with how I’ve been feeling. I’m like, oh, okay. It’s not just me saying I wanna slow down. This is at this point, God telling me it’s time to slow. do what I said I was going to do.

All right. The slug is assigned to take things slowly, the way they move. Very slow. Okay. This article I was reading about the spiritual meaning behind slugs in the house specifically is I said like, if you’re agitated or trying to accomplish something, step back and be patient cuz it’s not gonna happen right now.

Like, It was a serious message to slow down, and I was like, oh gosh, I’m feeling that because I was wanting to go hard with the new year. I was gonna, I wa I wanted to do a lot of things and I’m seeing, no, I don’t wanna do a lot of things right now. I wanna go slow. I wanna, you know, pour into my community.

You guys message me. I wanna message you back and like really connect. . I don’t wanna be showing up a ton, planning big things right now. I wanna do big things in my home with my family, in my community, with my friends. Like I want that slow connection going on right now. The deep, meaningful kind of connection, not just showing up, trying to, you know, grow Instagram numbers and all that kind of stuff that you have to do for business.

The slug is also an encouragement. When we feel like nothing is happening, that no matter what we try or how hard we hustle, that the needle won’t move. When you feel like you’re trying so hard and nothing feels like it’s happening, that’s when the slug’s an encouragement. Okay? It comes into your home to tell you to stop, because the more agitation means the less chance that you are going to see.

What you’re aiming for. The slug inspires us to trust that nothing is in vain, and trust that eventually you will reach your goals. Everything happens for a reason. It is divine timing. God’s timing is greater than yours. Your timeline is imaginary. It is irrelevant. Okay, we’re coming up to the end of the year, and if you feel like you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to accomplish this year, my encouragement to you.

listen to the slug that showed up for me and slow down. Enjoy these last couple weeks of your year. Be everything you wanna be. Be with your family. Slow it down. Enjoy the moments. And you know what, if you fell shy, if you, if you did not hit your goals for the year, that’s okay. because the timeline doesn’t really mean anything.

You can still keep going towards those goals. If they feel right, keep going at them. All right? Your timeline is irrelevant because God’s timeline is perfect, right? So trust the slug. Don’t try too hard, don’t let your vibe fall. Don’t let yourself get super stressed out about what didn’t happen on your timing.

Slow down and just let the universe take its course. There’s a greater picture that you can’t see, and the timing is working out perfectly for you to have more abundant blessing than what you have imagined. Okay? At the right time, you will seek great results, even greater than you. All right. Here’s one other note is that the slug is self-sufficient.

Do you know slugs are hermaphrodites? So they also, they also represent perfect balance between masculine and feminine. And to me that means a perfect balance between word and wisdom, right? Right.

So the slug needs nothing more to make things. it already has all that it needs. So take this sign of the slug and know that you are already enough. You already have what you need. You already know what you need to do. You just need to trust in the timing of how it’s going to happen, and trust that you don’t know every step it takes to get you where you’re planning to go.

Continue going forward. , there is movement in everything. Even if you don’t perceive it for now, even if you can’t see how every step is moving you forward, it still is all right. Sometimes you have to step back, catch your breath, so that you can keep going, keep moving forward. And so my friend, that’s what I’m doing for the end of this year.

I am slowing. Which means this is my last promised podcast episode for the year. I will be coming in hot in January. I’m gonna pull it back. I’m gonna spend time with my family. I’m gonna enjoy these last couple weeks of the year, and I really hope that you do too. I’m still gonna be around. I’m still in my emails.

I’ll still be checking in with social media and all that stuff. I’m just not gonna commit to recording and prepping these episodes for you twice a week for the rest of the year. I will be back in January though, so do not worry.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year and the happiest of holidays.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I’ve seen so many slugs in my home this last year. And I never once thought, this might be God telling me to slow down. Thank you! I think that’s what I needed to hear. I think God is trying to get me off the hamster wheel and back into my home and working on what I’ve always wanted to work on. God bless

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