It’s been rough. And it’s been oh so rewarding.

It’s been rough. And it’s been oh so rewarding.

One day everything is normal.

The next day everything is falling apart.

Then everything is great.

Then we’re back to normal.

We had a particularly terrible day earlier this week. Well, I did at least. One kid wouldn’t let me put him down, but still fussed when I held him. One kid only wanted snacks. One kid had multiple potty accidents.. and my patience was nonexistent.

I felt something inside me that I hadn’t felt in so long – the urge to flee, to run, to hide. I recognized this urge as the one that had led me towards wanting to end it all on occasion. I didn’t have a lot of energy but I had enough to fight back against this urge.

I held on. I kept my ground. I survived the day and loved my kids through it all.

I held space for the feelings and anxieties. I let the day just be. I let go of control over the little things. I held on.

The next morning I saw a Steller’s Jay on our way out to run errands. The kids were amazing. They were all respectful and helpful in the grocery store. They waited patiently and followed promptly. They held hands and didn’t fight.

I felt good too. I was determined to have a better day than before. And we really did.

Then things went back to normal. I’m not sure exactly want caused that terrible day or the amazing one that followed, but I’m really glad I held on.

Keep holding on, friend. This season can be rough – sometimes it’s more than just a day. Sometimes you feel like you’ll never see the other side, but I promise good days are waiting.

You’ll get there exactly when you are meant to. 💕 keep holding on.


Published by Brittni Clarkson

Hi, I'm Brittni, author, podcaster, transformational speaker, and a mom of 3 boys, passionate about helping moms overcome the overwhelm and actually ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.

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