Stop recreating the environment that hurt you. You can’t heal there.

Stop recreating the environment that hurt you. You can’t heal there.

In my decade of back and forth with depression and anxiety, I discovered this important truth that people don’t talk about enough.

When you’re struggling with mental health, you tend to develop a lot of unhealthy habits – poor hygiene, lack of focus, procrastination, messy surroundings, unmade beds, piles of dishes and laundry – these habits tend to stem from just not caring anymore because you’re so emotionally and mentally exhausted from fighting your inner demons for months at a time.

But these habits are just that, habits. They stick with you. These habits contribute to the cycle of being pulled back into those episodes of sadness, hopelessness, sorrow and depression.

I was given a lot of advice and help to overcome depression many times, but until I started to see my depressive habits as triggers for more depression, I couldn’t kick the cycle.

If you’re struggling with mental health or any cycle of highs and lows (first off, professional help is a great place to start, but also) look at the habits you’ve gotten used to.

Are the effects of your uneasiness causing more uneasiness?

You can’t heal in the environment that broke you, and you can’t stay healed if you keep recreating that broken environment.

This is a big reason for The Happy Mom-Brain; in my signature book I will walk you through steps to overcome overwhelm, find who you really are, and give you advice and tools to change your habits and environment to lead you to a life of peace and joy!

12: Loving Yourself Right Where You Are (and embracing the pieces you've been told were broken). Meant to Bloom

The main thing I've learned from blogging and starting an online business, letting myself be visible, you have to accept yourself as you truly are. No more building walls, no more masking, no more becoming who you feel you need to be fine tuned to who you're talking to. As a Peacemaker – Type 9 Enneagram, I don't like to ruffle feathers, disagree openly, or cause any kind of stress or conflict to anyone. But that's not authentic. It feels like you're tailoring the conversation to who you're with, but often it's actually you editing yourself and hiding pieces of yourself because you're afraid of rejection. Don't dilute yourself to please others. You can't fulfill your purpose if you're constantly trying to be someone else. You are perfect for your purpose, just as you are. If your purpose was meant for someone else, it would have been given to someone else, but it wasn't. It was given to you, because it's going to take being you to fulfill it. In accepting yourself, you must become content with where you are while still striving for progress. We don't fulfill our purpose by being distracted by negativity or comparison or ingratitude. If you're uncertain of what your purpose is right now – begin by tuning into yourself, into your soul. Strip away all the things that have been piled on you, all the limiting beliefs, everything you've been told is true about you, and realize you are capable of anything. You are designed for this life. You were put where you are with who you're with for a reason. Get comfortable where you are, embrace your present, have joy where you are, be grateful for where you are, and you'll soon be propelled forward to step into your purpose. Happiness isn't determined by your circumstances. It's a choice you make. You choose not to be focused on the daily stresses. Keep your eyes where you are going. Be grateful in the trials, in your gifts, in your everything because it's all moving you forward toward that purpose. Give yourself grace – as much as you give others. You're doing the best you can with what you have. Pay attention to where you are and what's affecting you. Everything has a deeper meaning and cause. When you stop holding grudges against the things you've done or experienced, let go of what's not serving you, quit holding the resentment and you'll find freedom. Allow yourself space to grow and room to learn. This is where you'll find who you are and who you're meant to be.  Get connected on Insta:  Read the full show notes:  Everyday MTB Affirmations: Self Love Starter Kit: — Support this podcast:

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