35: Focus on What’s Actually Important to You – How to be Undistracted by False Purpose in Motherhood

35: How to be Undistracted by False Purpose in Motherhood Meant to Bloom

This episode is going to get you questioning a lot about how you’re living your life, my friend. Mindfulness and awareness are key in this topic. Grab your journal, we’re about to dive in deep – you can get started by asking yourself these questions, then tune into the episode for my insight on living your day to day aligned with your purpose and priorities. 

What’s important to you, what are your priorities? 

Determine this by reflecting on your life’s purpose – is it to have full involvement in your kid’s lives, is it to support your husband in all he does to carry you and the family, is it outside the home, what is it that your heart pulls at you to pour your whole self into? 

Do your days reflect that purpose, or are you feeling stuck in the life you’re living? What shifts can you make to step into the life you know you’re meant for? What do your days look like from the outside? 

In this episode we’re talking about mindfulness in your priorities – what would the members of your family say are important to you? Would your most important thing/person agree with you that they are the most important thing in your life? 

How can you shift and spend more time or energy in a more productive way to show up for what’s important? I say shift – not add more to your plate without taking something else off – or making it smaller, easier… 


Here’s how to live a life focused on what’s really important to you

It can be so easy to get swept up in life and forget who we are or what we’re here to do. 

You can find exercises for getting centered here – straight from Happy Mom Brain download this segment for free.  

First off, what IS important to YOU? This isn’t a cookie cutter answer, this is your life and your wants/needs/passions are important. 

Yeah, your kids are important, but what about it? Is it important that you have total control over their education or is it important that you give up the reins on schooling to better your relationship with your kid? 

Choose your top five priorities and look at them a little more closely. 

If faith is in your circle, is attending church really what’s important or is watching from home because you feel possessed by demons trying to get the family out the door in time what’s going to work best – then fellowshipping in a less stressful setting like small groups or joining MOPS. 

How is it important to you to show up in each of these areas you’ve listed? What’s the time commitment like for these, what feels good and lights you up with passion in these areas? 

Delegating – It’s okay to let go of one piece of what you thought motherhood was, to go deeper in another area. Letting go of things like house cleaning, meal prep, education, grocery shopping, don’t make you less of a mom, but it may make you less of a hot mess mom. Mama, you can’t be replaced by school, or a cleaning company, or a delivery service, or pre prepped foods…. But those things can help you be a better mom if they give you back your time and energy so you can focus on the pieces of life that are most important to you in the ways they are important to you. 

Need help learning how to ask for help?

Check out this episode with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy of Emotionally Healthy Legacy.

Time blocking – If your kids are telling you you’re not spending enough time with them or you’re working too much. Here’s a time blocking trick that may help. 

 if you find you’re spending too much time on your start up, or a project like decluttering or remodeling, or anything really – try time blocking this piece. Set aside the time you’ll need to work on this daily – let that be your kids’ screen time or do it before they wake up/after they go to bed – and commit to not overspending your time here. Before and after you feel yourself away for work, check in with your kids. Give them extra attention after your time block is complete. 

Immerse yourself in personal development – with your top five important areas of life, it’s not only important to spend time in them, but it’s important to keep growing. So immerse yourself in the things that help you thrive in these areas of life. Read books, or listen to audiobooks, listen to podcasts, follow Instagrammers who teach about these, watch videos and movies and tv shows and documentaries that support your growth in these areas. Avoid the things that hinder growth where it’s important to you. – for example, if honesty and respect in your marriage are important to you, there’s probably a hundred sitcoms you should avoid watching because the couples featured do not practice the type of marriage you wish to have.


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