32: Using Affirmations to Shift Your Mindset and Live Your Best Life Yet

32: Using Affirmations to Shift Your Mindset and Live Your Best Life Yet Meant to Bloom

The words we use are important to the life we are choosing to live. The way you talk about yourself matters. The way you talk about your life matters. If you want to make a change and start living a better life, to rise to a higher version of yourself, you’ve got to start talking about yourself and your life as if you’re already there. 

You don’t heal your depression by talking to yourself like you’re a piece of crap. You’re not going to finally finish that project by shaming yourself about not having it done yet. You’re not going to be a better mom by constantly living in that mom-guilt you’re currently holding yourself under. You’re not going to shame yourself into your best self. 

Let’s uncover your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs today. Let’s rewrite your narrative and tell a better story – the one you actually want to be living. This is your life, you’re in charge, you’re in control, and you are not your thoughts. Kick the negative thoughts out and make room for big and beautiful things, friend.

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How to Create and Use Meaningful Affirmations & Mantras

The words we use are important. The way we talk about ourselves and our lives matters. This determines the filter we will perceive our world through. These are the changes that need to happen within us – sometimes we can’t change the things in our lives, but we can change the way we see them.

Our words bring forth life or death 

What you focus on grows, what you look for you will find. Whether you look for good things, or you look for negative things, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for life to suck, you’ll find all the supportive evidence you need – likewise, if you look for all the ways you’re living your dream life, you’ll find that too. It’s gratitude, it’s optimism, it’s the law of attraction. You’ll magnetize what you’re energetically aligned with. Your mind is a magnet. 

You are energetically responsible for your home. As the woman of the house you’re the gatekeeper for all the energy that comes into your home. You get to set the tone. You’re in charge of this. If you’re walking around with a bad attitude, your family is going to join in. Happy wife, happy life… Instead of walking in a room and tearing someone apart for what they haven’t taken care of yet, just nagging everyone, your irritated energy is going to spread to them. If you walk in with positivity, the energy is going to follow. Your kids will be more likely to follow through with chores when you’re in positive energy – instead of stubbornly avoiding the chore because you were in negative energy when you requested the chore be done. 

Connection and love is more likely to lead others to helping you out. 

If you don’t believe in yourself, your future, your dreams, it doesn’t matter if anyone else does either. What you expect, is what you’ll get. If you expect to fail, you’ll fail. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” 

There’s no bright, beautiful future waiting for you, if you’re not willing to accept it. 

Identify your negative thinking, your cycles, your habits, your phrases you use with yourself and those around you. How do you talk to yourself when you make a mistake or when you do something well. Pay attention to the cycles and patterns in your brain. What are the thoughts you’re thinking?  

Are you beating yourself up when you make a mistake? Or are you noting the learning experience? How do you talk to yourself when you do something well? Do you say “about time,” or are you your own hype woman? 

You are responsible for your own dopamine drip. You get to decide how happy you are about the little things. Here’s my favorite little hack to increase dopamine daily. When you complete something on your to-do list use a highlighter to accent what’s been completed. It’ll help you focus on what you’ve done instead of what you haven’t. Bonus, also do a little happy dance, pat yourself on the back, yell “woohoo!” celebrate when you complete a task. 

Flip the script, take your negative thoughts and create a positive mantra for yourself. My negative thoughts always revolved around my feelings of inadequacy and feeling like I’m not enough – so the affirmation I’ve always had is “I am enough.” Take your negative thought, that limiting belief that comes to mind and turn it into a positive statement about you. Take your affirmations and journal about it, get deep in reflection, look at it from different angles and perspectives, write out support for your new belief. Back it up with evidence and scripture and truth. 

Question: how can you edit your thoughts to see the positive? 

Repeat it day and night, write it out, put it everywhere, listen to songs with the lyrics or meaning, read books and watch tv shows that support what you want to think. Immerse yourself in your truth and avoid programming and media that goes against your truth or supports the limiting belief you’re trying to ditch. 

Do the opposite of things that make you feel like you suck. 

Meditate on it. Think of it often. Journal about it. Think more thoughts about it. Talk about it. 

You get to decide what thoughts stick around in your mind. You get to decide what your life looks like and feels like. You get to decide the tone of your home and the energy you bring in. You get to decide these things. It’s your choice. It starts with you, friend.


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