16: Letting Go of What’s Not For You to Find the Joy and Peace That Comes From Quitting.

16: Letting Go of What's Not For You to Find the Joy and Peace That Comes From Quitting. Meant to Bloom

Often my antidotes about my mental health journey begin 2 years ago when I figured out how to have a Happy Mom-Brain, but the mental health journey really began long long ago with many ups and downs. I bounced back and forth with depressive episodes and healing sprees. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t always apply to the best of my abilities. 

One of the real game changers was decluttering. I came across Allie Casazza’s free webinar and was hooked. Allie is an amazing human, mom, and teacher. If you’re looking for some great tips to decluttering (all the hard questions) she’s your gal! 

Decluttering in the home led to decluttering my schedule and learning to let go of commitments the same way I was letting go of physical objects that weren’t serving me, weren’t making me feel good anymore, weren’t aligned with who I am anymore. 

I have gone through cycles in my healing where keeping busy was helpful and where it was hurtful. In 2015, my mental health was so crippled from overbooking myself that I had to quit both my jobs and focus on staying home, ending all commitments and focusing on my mental health. 

We are called to rest and be renewed. When we overbook our schedules we rob ourselves of this. Renewal can come from many places, not just resting and doing nothing. Renewal can come from long walks, nature, phone calls with close friends… 

Sometimes we get to a place where quitting a long term commitment is HARD. But I promise, letting go when you feel pulled to do so, is always worth it. 

Contrary to Boomer’s beliefs; it’s okay to quit. You can quit things that aren’t fun, you can quit things that aren’t good for you, and you can even quit things that you love. 

When it’s not serving you, when it’s in your way, when you don’t feel good about doing it anymore, when it’s more stress than it’s worth – you can quit.

The Everyday Joy Planner

Dance team was a huge part of my life for such a long time. I’ve been dancing since I was 16 and only stopped a few brief times. When I finally had to say goodbye to dance for a long period, it was rough! 

I coached the dance team up until I had my 3rd kid, went on maternity leave and never came back. The time commitment had become too much for me and my family. I wanted to be fully present with my kids in their young ages and I wanted to be all in in my marriage. With my husband working during the days, and me giving nights and weekends to dance, it just wasn’t working anymore. 

Here’s what happens when you give up something that’s not for you anymore – you create space for growth. When I quit teaching the mini dance team, it allowed another mom at the studio to step up and take over. I’ve loved watching her blossom and bloom into the instructor she’s become – and today, she owns her own dance studio! All because I stepped out of the way, handed over the baton, and created space for her to grow in my place. 

When you feel pulled to leave, when it’s not aligned anymore, it’s a sign from the Spirit that it’s time to move on; there’s something better waiting for you. 

Quitting dance freed up my schedule, it freed me mentally, it created alignment, I fixed my sleep schedule, I figured out how to not hate cooking, I was freed up to start this business. If I was still giving my time to dance, I wouldn’t have this podcast, I wouldn’t have written The Happy Mom-Brain, or created The Everyday Joy Planner. I wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing now. 

Having the courage and bravery to walk away from something I loved, has allowed other women to bloom, it’s allowed me freedom to heal. Quitting has allowed me to begin this whole business to help other women heal and keep moving forward. 

If it’s where you truly belong, you will find your way back. After two and a half years away from teaching and coaching dance, I’m feeling a pull to return to that space in creating something new and beautiful. 

If it’s meant for you, it will return without having to force it. Let it be easy. Listen to your body, when it gives you stress over something you’ve always loved, it’s time to walk away. Listen to Spirit guiding you, step back when it’s time to step back. 

You may be getting prepared for something totally different. You may be getting set up for things you never imagined in your life, that you’d be doing. Seek Wisdom, get into your spirit, everything else will fall into place. 

You can’t stop what’s meant for you, from coming to you. Go forth, unafraid, and quit. Quitting one thing is the only way you’ll start something bigger.


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