5: Embracing Ease Without Guilt (because mom-life doesn’t have to be THAT hard).

Motherhood is hard, but it’s only as hard as we let it be. Watching our kids struggle, learn the hard way, or be in pain should be the hard parts. The daily duties of maintaining your home, entertaining your children, and feeding your family should not be the hard parts of “motherhood.”

5: Embracing Ease Without Guilt (because mom-life doesn't have to be THAT hard) Meant to Bloom

You do not have to overcomplicate your dinner plans. It’s OKAY to prep food ahead of time, to take shortcuts, or even have dinner cooked by someone else. Your worth is not tied to the level of skill and effort put into dinner each night. Let this be easy.

When you look for things to be hard, they will be. If you decide to see beauty and blessing, that’s what you’ll find. Don’t mistake your privilege as a punishment. Motherhood is beautiful.

Everything can be made easier when you let go of black or white thinking – perfection is not your goal, let that go. Be authentically yourself in every thing you’re doing. It won’t be perfect, but it will be beautifully you. Let it be as it is, let it simple.

Realize your life and purpose is not in the mundane tasks of your day. These are simply steps along the way. Your purpose is bigger than cleaning up the mess. Your purpose is yours to decide – but I promise it’s bigger than the task you’re overcomplicating and stressing over. This stress is a distraction from fulfilling your purpose, don’t let it steal your energy and focus.

1. Take the time to decide your intention. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going to get there. Reflect on what you want your legacy to be, what is it that you want to be remembered for? How can you pursue this everyday of your life? Put your purpose in the leading role of your life.

2. Limit distractions from your purpose. If deciding what’s for dinner stresses you out – make a meal plan ahead of time. If toys are out of control and causing you stress – create a toy library to limit the mess made. If you’re stressed at the thought of actually cleaning the house – hire it out.

3. Practice gratitude. Take time everyday to really focus on what’s going good in life. Focus on the good and you will see it more.

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