How to Not Hate Housework Part 2 (more tips to make chores suck a little less)

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House cleaning is part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience every time. Let’s make it easier and a little more enjoyable.

Recap: in part 1 we talked about: mindset, the perfect playlist, using aromatherapy for energizing and excitement, and decluttering because less to clean is the best hack yet.

More tips for a better housekeeping approach:

1. Get new supplies, a new caddy, sponges and gloves make a big difference. Get yourself something that makes you excited to use them.

My vacuum recommendation

2. Don’t try to “catch up,” don’t make a big plan, just commit to starting small, and start.

Sorry for the bubble burst, but your home will never be 100% clean as long as your family lives there. Become okay with this concept.

You can’t completely clean your whole house before moving onto a project – but you can create routines and rhythms that keep you moving forward.

3. Room resets – the 3 phase cleaning that gets you out of survival mode.

Sweep 1: get out the trash.

Sweep 2: remove what doesn’t belong in this room, put it where it belongs.

Sweep 3: put away all the things that do belong in this room.

Give yourself grace – inconsistency is OKAY. You’ve got better things to do than keep your kitchen spotless. Get out and enjoy life.

You don’t have to complete everything every single day. It’s okay to let things go sometimes. Life is messy, let it be messy without feeling guilt or anxiety over it.

It’s your life. You get to decide how you spend your time. You get to decide that life can be easy and fun.

Part 1 of How to Not Hate Housework

Happy Mom Brain Workbook

Everyday Joy Planner

My favorite vacuum.


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