Meal Plan with Ease and Confidence (because sometimes deciding what’ s for dinner sucks)

This episode was recorded live on IGTV (Instagram). Here’s what was mentioned:

Why does deciding what’s for dinner suck so bad?

  1. Because we’re waiting until we’re already totally stressed out to make the decision. 
  2. Because we’ve convinced ourselves there is a RIGHT decision 

“Don’t worry about making the right decision, make the decision right.” Susie Moore 

Let’s overcome the belief that there is a wrong decision to be made. 

You make great choices. Get confident in the choices you have made. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what’s for dinner. 

Set aside one night per week when you always plan your dinners. 

Make your grocery list and get everything you’ll need for the week the next day.

3 Super easy ways to meal plan 

Stick to a template – See The Easy Way to Meal Plan for a detailed instruction and a done-for-you dinner planning template.

Choose your 10 favorite family meals and rotate those, leaving blank space where you’ll need leftover nights or take out/dine out nights. 

Or if you NEED more variety and fear the repeat meals – check out the 6 Week Rotating Meal Plan and never ever plan again.

Use a recipe jar and let Fate decide. 

This one’s pretty simple: put all your family favorite recipes in a jar and choose at random to fill in your meal plan. 

Looking for a more in depth method to end the dinner dilemma?

I can’t help you cook dinner, but I can help you plan your meals, plan your grocery trip, grow your planning confidence, realize who you are in the kitchen and give you a few super easy dinner ideas you can cook with a screaming toddler at your feet.

In this planning kit you’ll find:
a pep talk
thought work
3 easy ways to meal plan
a place to brain dump
a printable weekly meal plan template
a printable categorized grocery list template
you practical steps to a stress free dinner time
3 of my favorite recipes
a checklist to destress your kitchen space
a printable family menu template


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