Why You’ll Never Feel Like You’re Enough

You’ll never feel enough until you decide what that means for you. 

How many times have you thought to yourself “I’m not enough?” 

If it’s been even just once, that’s too many times. But I’m willing to bet that you’ve had this thought almost daily. It’s been a personal struggle of my own and I know that we can overcome this. 

The thought that you are not enough is a limiting belief, and sweet friend, there is no limit to what you are capable of. You are a shining star. You are strong and empowered. You are more than enough. 

I also know that my telling you that you are enough, isn’t enough for you to believe it. Let’s work to tear down that untruth you’ve been telling yourself. 

What is enough? 

Have you stopped and asked yourself, in all this self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy: what would enough even look like? 

When will it be enough? “More” is not a measurable answer. Be specific. What would enough really look like for you? When can you stop and say “that’s enough?” 

Establish this boundary, decide right now what enough is. Grab a notebook and write it out. Put it on a sticky note to remind yourself. Make it your phone wallpaper. Become very familiar with your stopping point. When will you feel like you’re enough? What does that even mean to you? 

You are already enough. 

What’s holding you back? Do you feel unworthy? Do you feel like you don’t DO enough? 

Decide today, what enough is. Decide today, where you feel this. Decide today, what is going to change this feeling for you.

Establishing a bare minimum. 

The first step to feeling like Enough is deciding what your bare minimum is. I struggle to feel like I am enough when it comes to my roles as a wife, mother and homemaker. I feel like I don’t do enough, and therefore am not enough. These thoughts are absolutely untrue, and determining a bare minimum for my day, helps me to measure that I have done enough. 

This bare minimum can be anything, it can be a specific task that needs to be completed, or it can be a goal that is accomplished. Your bare minimum is not meant to be difficult. It’s meant to be something measurable and easily attainable that you can lay your head down at night and know that you did enough and your feelings of feeling like you are not enough are completely invalid. 

Some days my bare minimum is that I wash, dry and fold laundry for the day. Some days my bare minimum is simply that I kept the children alive today. 

Your bare minimum can change with each new day. It can change part way through the day. It’s your limit to set, and I want you to set it low. 

Your value, your worth, your enoughness is not found in what you DO. Don’t get hung up on tying your worth to your accomplishments. What you do, does not define your value.

Learn more about finding your bare minimum in this IGTV live video replay.

Decide what is unnecessary. 

Set your bare minimum and keep in mind all the things that don’t HAVE to be done. Remind yourself often that all these extra things you are doing, are simply that: EXTRA. 

You are more than enough. You are extra, in such a fantastic way. Own it. Embrace it. Be it.

What’s your “enough” statement?

How do you know that you are enough? What’s your personal measure of your enoughness? 

You will never feel like enough, until you determine for yourself, what that means for you. 

I know you are enough, I need you to know that, too.

Check out this IGTV for a pep talk about your enoughness.

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