3 Simple Steps to Living Intentionally

What does it mean to be intentional? How do we go about being intentional in our role as Mom when we are pulled into different directions every ten minutes? It can feel like our days are being run by the littlest in the house, so how do we regain control?

A life without without intention is like drifting in the  sea without a destination. You might be moving great distances, you might be paddling for hours on end, exhausting yourself, but if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

Setting the intent for your life, and each day, is like charting a course. Everyday the time will pass and you’ll keep putting in the effort, whether it gets you anywhere or not. Everyday is an opportunity to move closer to your destination, your goals, your mission.

Every day is an opportunity to fulfill your purpose.

3 Ways To Be More Intentional in Motherhood

1. Set the intent.

In order to be intentional, we first have to set the intent. This is different for everyone and is specific to you and your heart. Ask these questions: What kind of mom do you want to be? What do you want to be known/remembered for? What can you do with every day to fulfill these hopes?

Intention can vary from day to day, some days lining up with your life long goals and dreams, and sometimes the intent needs to be specific for the day; to rest and recover, or to absolutely crush the day. We can still put heart and meaning behind into these days.

2. Limit distractions.

It’s easy to start your day with intent in mind, but often as we go about the day the chaos pulls us in too many directions and by dinner we’ve forgotten who we set out to be. We lay down to sleep and wonder where did today go? What was even the point?

There’s a lot of unavoidable chaos in our days – especially when you have littles in your home – but there’s also a lot of distractions we can work to limit.

  • Turn off the TV and put limits on your social media apps. Be present in today and be present with those around you.

“Be where your feet are” – Bob Goff

  • Say no to reluctant obligations. If you don’t want to be there, don’t. Let someone who wants to do the job, have the opportunity to take it.
  • Cut the clutter and start a toy rotation. Less to clean up means more time and energy to enjoy making the mess.

3. Practice gratitude.

Focusing on what’s going right, teaches our brain to spend less time and energy on dwelling on what’s not right. Sounds silly, but “be positive” is a scientific break through. We see what we are looking for. When we begin our days by writing out a short list of gratitude (3 is enough), we train our brain to think of all our blessings first thing in the morning. This becomes a habit that seeps into the rest of your day, causing an overall positive attitude and keeping all the little things from distracting you from your purpose and throwing off your intentions.

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” – George Washington Carver

Set your intention and own your day.

For a deeper dive into intention, plus affirmations, gratitude and more, visit The Meant to Bloom Shop to find my Mindset Realign Workbook.


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Hi, I'm Brittni, author, podcaster, transformational speaker, and a mom of 3 boys, passionate about helping moms overcome the overwhelm and actually ENJOY MOTHERHOOD.

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