My Perfect Meal Plan

My Perfect Meal Plan

A 6 week rotating meal plan for the whole year.

Awhile back I wrote a post called How to Create Your Own Rotating Meal Plan.

At the time I didn’t consider that many of the meals I put on my own plan (link included in post above) were cold weather meals and I wouldn’t want them when the Summer came along.

This is my revised 6 week rotating plan, for year round use.

I only meal plan for my weekdays, which are Monday through Thursday. Each week I will sit down on Sunday night and plug in my weekend meals for the following week.


  • Crab alfredo, green salad, French bread (Recipe)
  • Enchilada stuffed peppers, rice (Recipe)
  • California vegetable casserole, chicken breast, potatoes (Recipe)
  • General Tso’s chicken, ramen, stir fry veggies (Recipe)


  • Spaghetti, green salad, French bread (Recipe)
  • Mexican quinoa, avocados, taco beef (Recipe)
  • Cheesy stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breast, green beans, potatoes (Recipe)
  • Teriyaki meatballs, stir fry veggies (Recipe)


  • Sausage sheet pan dinner (Recipe)
  • Mushrooms and rice, veggies, bread (Recipe)
  • Lasagne, green salad, French bread (Recipe)
  • Taco salad, tortilla chips, avocado (Recipe)


  • Tuna alfredo casserole, peas, bread (Recipe)
  • Spicy beef and butternut squash skillet, rice (Recipe)
  • BBQ Chicken, corn, potatoes (Recipe)
  • Taco soup, tortilla chips, avocado (Recipe)


  • Macaroni and tomato with beef, rolls (Recipe)
  • Cabbage stir fry, rice (Recipe)
  • Bacon wrapped meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes (Recipe)
  • Creamy chicken enchilada, rice (Recipe)


  • Chicken and veggie sheet pan (Recipe)
  • Teriyaki casserole, rice (Recipe)
  • Southwest lasagne rolls, veggies, bread (Recipe)
  • Caesar calzones, green salad (Recipe)

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