Maybe I like to have my hands full.

Maybe I like to have my hands full.

“You look like you’ve got your hands full”

Yeah, I can’t go out in public without someone saying this to me. Yes, my hands are full. My heart is fuller.

I have this deep seeded need to fill my life. I need the noise and the responsibility to fill my time and keep me from being bored and complacent.

To fill my time and my heart, first I got a dog. Then a husband. Then a cat. Then another dog. Then another cat. Then a baby. And another baby. My sister said I can’t have another baby yet, so…

We got another dog!

Meet Kimber, the newest member of our ever growing Clarkson family.

She’s only been with us a few days, but she’s fitting in so well, even with Bella, my grumpy old girl who’ll be 11 this year!

We decided on a large breed puppy to be a playmate for Sherman, who’s 3 years old and can be too much for Bella. We thought Kimber would be great for Bella, to give her a break and let her rest more since she’s always so grumpy at Sherman for wanting to play all the time.

It didn’t take long to see how wrong we were. Instead of letting Bella be old, she’s brought the puppy out in her. Bella loves Kimber already and PLAYS WITH HER! Bella didn’t even like her own puppies, but here she is playing with Kimber.

When I thought there could be no more love in our home than there already was, Kimber proved me wrong. The boys love her, she loves them. The dogs love her, she loves them. We love her, and she loved us. *the cats don’t love her… yet.

It’s a beautiful time in our home right now and I look forward to all the moments and memories to come with this full house.

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