Favorite Fall Meal Plan

Favorite Fall Meal Plan

Favorite Fall Meals

A seven day dinner plan with links to recipes and a grocery list

Why Meal Plan?

Before I started planning out all my dinners for the week on Sunday nights, my husband and I would sit on the couch every night trying to decide what we wanted for dinner. Often we would run into one of two problems: either we weren’t craving anything or we weren’t sure what ingredients we had in the house already.

When I started meal planning, everything got simpler. Now I plan out 7 meals for the week (whether I really stick to them day to day or just choose off the list each night doesn’t really matter), and I go grocery shopping once to get all the ingredients needed for each meal.

*I also keep a white board on the fridge where we write down everything as we run out of it, then I add all these items to my list before heading to the store. On a perfect week I only go shopping once, but let’s be honest here, life doesn’t always go that easy and we forget things or change our minds. But not having to go to the store to get anything last minute to make dinner, has been a game changer.


What you’re here for: My Fall Favorites Meal Plan!


Swiss Cheese Chicken (or as I call it, Stuffing Chicken Casserole) served with Candied Yams, instead of rice as suggested in the recipe, and some sauteed green beans.

This is one of my favorite meals of all time. It’s like a mini thanksgiving feast without all the work!


Butternut Squash Quinoa Casserole. This one is an entire meal all in one.

Between my husband and I, this made a lot more food than we could eat, so I took the leftovers and stuffed some tortillas, wrapped them up and stuck them in the freezer. Now I have a small stash of burritos that we can thaw out and eat for lunches.


One-Pan Autumn Chicken Dinner. It’s an entire meal, on one dish!


Butternut Squash and Spinach Tortellini serve it up with a simple side salad and a loaf of french bread.


Spicy Ground Beef and Butternut Squash served with a spinach salad and a side of corn.

During the summers I love to have corn on the cob with this one, but this time of year you have to buy it frozen and you might as well forget it if it’s not fresh.


Apple Gouda Stuffed Chicken with Smoky Roasted Sweet Potatoes. That title is a mouth full, and you’re going to want a mouth full of it, too!

Steamed broccoli and a small salad put this meal over the top.


Loaded Cheesy, Bacon, Corn & Potato Chowder. I love a good soup on a rainy Sunday evening. Pair it with this Buttery Sweet Corn Bread.


There you have it; A full week’s worth of delicious dinners that are sure to “wow” your family this Fall.

For a complete grocery list to all ingredients in the recipes above, click here.



What are some of your favorite recipes for the cold weather? What’s your go-to meal for comfort food? 

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